​How Kevin Transformed His School Culture

Recently, I sat down with Kevin, a Vice Principal of a small school in Canada. 

Kevin attended Builder’s Lab twice and then took what he learned back to his school and TRANSFORMED his school culture. 

Learn what Kevin did, the obstacles he faced, and the amazing results he achieved and discover how you can do the same thing in your school. 

Prepare to be Inspired!

Check out these highlights:
  • ​The exact steps Kevin took to introduce culture change to his team.
  • How Kevin overcame his team’s initial resistance (and how he uncovered and dealt with some of his own resistance as well).
  • How Kevin got his entire team excited and energized that they took ownership over the process and lead the way in getting it going in their school.
  • The biggest obstacles Kevin faced along the way, and how he overcame them. 
  • How Kevin slowly introduced core values to his school and how it immediately began to shift his culture.
  • What Kevin’s school looks like now and what they are taking on next.
  • How you can use this same process in your school.
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