How One Principal Made Her School

Biggest Takeaways You Don't Want to Miss:
  • Sometimes, it’s the simplest things that make the biggest difference for your school. Focus on the right things and keep it simple and save yourself a ton of work and stress.
  • If you really want to make your school crisis proof, you need to lay a solid foundation. Tricks, strategies, and hacks will only get you so far. It’s the foundation that creates the biggest difference.
  • A laser-like focus on your vision creates a ton or certainty in uncertain times. In fact, it’s about the ONLY thing that will.

When schools shut down in March 2020, principals across the world began to panic. But not Tosha-Lyn Francis. Instead of panicking, her teachers quickly made the transition to online learning without the stress, confusion, and even "epic fails" that other schools were experiencing. In fact, things went so smoothly that they began to wonder if there was something wrong. But the results don't lie.

They regularly had 95% or higher student attendance each day and students were posting measurable gains. Plus, teachers were calmly and confidently delivering excellent instruction. Tune in today to discover the systems Tosha-Lyn used to turn her formerly failing school into a school that is truly crisis proof and take away some tips you can use to do the same in your school #LikeABuilder

Check out these highlights:

  • What Tosha-Lyn’s school was like when she first came to Builder’s Lab.
  • How Tosha-Lyn struggled to create a vision for her school and what finally helped her achieve a huge breakthrough.

  • How Tosha-Lyn launched her vision with her staff and what their response was to her bold vision for their failing school.

  • How Tosha-Lyn was able to get complete buy-in from her staff.

  • How this school was able to pivot seamlessly to remote learning in the spring.

  • What systems Tosha-Lynn put in place to keep every student engaged and learning during the quarantine.

  • How Tosha-Lyn kept her staff focused, energized, and successful even during difficult circumstances.

  • The really powerful results this staff was able to achieve in spite of their challenges.

  • How Buildership can help you turn your school into a success story as well.

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