How to Give Difficult Feedback to a Struggling Teacher

Biggest Takeaways You Don't Want to Miss:
  • If a teacher is really struggling, if their classroom is really a mess, then they usually don’t have the ability or capacity to take in a TON of feedback, act on it and make significant improvement by the time you come back for your next visit.
  • Builders understand that so they use a special kind of feedback called Diagnostic Feedback when they are working with struggling teachers. This feedback is given in a way that the teachers can not only understand, but they can immediately act on that feedback and use it to improve.
  • Diagnostic feedback allows struggling teachers to really understand why their teaching practice is not working BEFORE it offers solutions. That way, struggling teachers have an opportunity to reflect on and take ownership of their own practice first, so that they can truly be engaged in looking for solutions and fixing their practice.

Have you ever given a struggling teacher feedback only to have your feedback ignored? Or worse, has the teacher tried to implement your feedback only to make the class worse than it was before? There’s a very specific reason why that happens. Discover what that reason is, and a powerful way to give struggling teachers feedback that helps them understand why their teaching isn’t working, helps them be reflective on their practice, and helps them take ownership over the problem and the solution. By the time you’re done, you’ll be giving struggling teachers powerful feedback #LikeABuilder. You can download today’s freebie below.

Check out these highlights:
  • Why giving struggling teachers a laundry list of things to work on backfires every single time.[1:20]
  • How Builders give struggling teachers feedback in a way that significantly improves their practice.[9:16]
  • Why focusing on the ROOT cause is such a powerful way to get struggling teachers on the right track.[13:39]
  • Why if you go in and you try to fix the teacher before the teacher even understands what’s not working and why it isn’t working, you are going to set yourself up for frustration.[18:15]
  • How to follow up after your diagnostic feedback in a way that helps struggling teachers be truly reflective about their practice and be accountable for recognizing that they have problem and fixing it. [21:52]
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