Summer Rewind: The Secret
to Overcoming Burnout

Biggest Takeaways You Don't Want to Miss:
  • One of the biggest reasons we experience burnout is because we are not doing work that feeds and inspires us.
  • When we operate in our zone of competence, we are just plowing through the work but not deriving any real joy from it. 
  • Doing things that we are excellent at can actually be a trap that locks us in work that eventually will burn us out. 
  • Only when you operate inside your zone of genius do you experience lasting joy in your work because you are doing the work that you were truly meant to do. 

Although this episode originally aired a few years ago, it is still very true: You will always feel burned out whenever you are not operating inside your "zone of genius." That's why this week, we're revisiting episode 22 which is all about how to overcome one of the biggest and sneakiest obstacles many builder’s face -- Burnout. 

But instead of just doing a training where I give you tips and strategies for overcoming burnout, this week, I’m also going to get pretty personal and share with you my own struggle with burnout.

Because here’s the thing. Burnout is something we will ALL face at some point of our career. And what’s more, it’s not something that you can solve by taking a vacation, or getting more rest, or even reducing your workload.

That’s because usually burnout is a symptom of a bigger problem. 

So today, we’re going to talk about the real problem with burnout and I’m going to share my own story with burnout with you. Now, I’m going to get a little vulnerable, not deep sobbing and sloppy tears vulnerable but I am going to share with you one of the toughest parts of my own career in hopes that my story can become a cautionary tale for you. 

If you’re struggling with burnout you’re going to learn how to quickly get yourself out of burnout and be energized and inspired by your work again.

And, if even you’re not struggling with burnout yet, chances are you will. So today, you’ll learn the early warning signs of burnout and how you can avoid real burnout altogether #LikeABuilder.

Check out these highlights:
  • The biggest source of burnout we all face.
  • How to quickly exit your Zone of Incompetence so that you don’t waste time doing work you’re not good at.
  • What’s really going on when you feel yourself “phoning in” your work instead of being truly invested in your work.
  • Why being excellent at your job may really be a trap that will eventually lead to burnout.
  • The only way you can permanently avoid burnout, and why it’s so hard to get to this point in your career.
  • My own story of dealing with professional burnout and the opportunity I almost missed (which would have been the biggest mistake of my career!)
  • How to turn burnout into an opportunity to find the work you were meant to do and experience true job satisfaction because you are doing work that you love.
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