5 Books You Should Be Reading This Summer

Biggest Takeaways You Don't Want to Miss:
  • ​​You can learn much from reading books outside of education. In fact, these books can provide unconventional solutions to some of the persistent challenges we face in education.
  • This year’s list has had a HUGE impact on my own thinking as an educator and have very important implications for how we set and meet goals, how we approach our own work and find lasting satisfaction in our jobs, how we change school culture, how we manage persistent challenges in our schools, and how we can deliberately construct our culture to get people more engaged, help people take more risks, and ultimately help everyone become more effective.
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Sometimes as educators, we go so immersed in the world of education that we miss out on the larger conversations going on around us. So each year, I search for non-education books that I believe have HUGE implications for the way we think about education and particularly our roles as Builders. This year’s list is a doozy, from a book that has significantly changed the way that I think about my work and purpose in the world, to a book that dramatically altered how I approach dealing with toxic cultures, to a book that has highlighted for me the power of defining moments. This list of non-education books has HUGE implications for the work that we do. ​

Check out these highlights:
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    The book that changed my thinking about what work I should be doing and how I should be setting goals.
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    The book that proposes a very practical solution to almost any challenge you are currently facing as a school and spells out how to find more time in the day to do what really matters most.
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    The book that lays out a step-by-step roadmap on how to overcome toxic school cultures and have more influence with the teachers you serve.
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    The book that spells out exactly how to help teachers become more accountable, take more prudent risks, and ultimately become get and stay on the pathway to mastery.
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    The book that illustrates the power of deliberately creating meaningful moments and how you can use these moments to motivate your students and your team and ultimately shape your school culture.
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