You’re Cutting Yourself Short

Biggest Takeaways You Don't Want to Miss:
  • It’s just as hard to pursue a big goal as a small one.
  • We sell ourselves short when we pursue small goals.
  • If you think it will feel bad missing a big goal, how much worse will it feel missing a small one?
  • When you pursue big goals, even if you miss your target, you’re still usually light years ahead of where you would have been if you had settled for a small goal.
  • Your efforts are usually contained by the size of your goals. Little goals, small tweaks, tiny gains. Big goals, broad transformations, huge gains.

We're continuing our VERSUS Series this week by contrasting the small goals we were taught to set versus the BIG goals that Builders set for their schools. We start by considering the idea that it is just as hard to pursue a big goal as a little one. So, why is it that we work so hard for so little progress in our schools?

Then we look at some of the reasons we often feel more comfortable setting small goals and the biggest reason of all is fear. We tackle the question “What happens if we miss our big target?” (the answer may surprise you), and we end with a challenge to consider whether your goals are selling you and your students short. So tune in today to discover how to stop thinking so small and start thinking bigger #LikeABuilder.

Check out these highlights:

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  • How we often sell ourselves short by making our goals too small.
  • What happened when one principal set what he thought was an ambitious goal of 10% gains in math and 8% gains in reading proficiency for the year.
  • Why smaller goals feel safer but are actually more dangerous.
  • How small goals contain our efforts.
  • Why failing at a small goal is even worse than failing at a big goal.
  • How to achieve a win/win even if you fail to reach your goals.
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