Why You Need to Play the Long Game

Biggest Takeaways You Don't Want to Miss:
  • When we get into crisis mode, we are often tempted to settle for short-term fixes instead of long-term solutions. But, short-term fixes can often create long-term problems.
  • When you play the long game, you’re willing to suffer a few minor inconveniences in the short term in order to create a solution that eliminates your challenges for good.
  • Leaders trade long-term success for temporary comfort. Builders are willing to withstand temporary discomfort in order to achieve long-term success.

The temptation is real. With so many challenges coming at you each day, it's easy to fall into the trap of looking for a quick fix, even if you know it's temporary. But here's the challenge with short-term thinking. Even if you "fix" the challenge for now, you haven't solved the problem.

That's why on today's episode, we're going to take a look at how Builder's solve challenges, and to be honest, it isn't always pretty. But, if you can withstand the temporary discomfort and focus on building a long-term solution, you can eliminate your challenges once and for all #LikeABuilder.

Check out these highlights:

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  • Why it’s so tempting to settle for quick fixes and why it’s ultimately a trap to do so.
  • How playing the short game is a trap many leaders fall into.
  • Why sometimes playing the long game results in some short-term challenges (and why you should still choose the long game anyway).
  • How Builders eliminate problems once and for all.
  • Why Builders play the long game and why it makes a difference.
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