Why Builders Never Have “People Problems”

Biggest Takeaways You Don't Want to Miss:
  • Every “people problem” is really a process problem. Instead of treating people as problems, solve the real issue so that you can eliminate your “people problems” once and for all.
  • It’s not that Builders never encounter issues with people; it’s that those issues no longer have the power to derail your progress or destroy your peace. 
  • Builders never try to “fix” people. Instead, Builders put systems in place to empower and enable people to be their best and to give their best selves to their students as they pursue the vision, mission, and core values of your school. 
  • Every “people problem” you face is the result of a break in one of four key systems in your school. If you can accurately diagnose the real problem, you can easily fix it and resolve the “people problem” for good. 

This week, we're continuing our discussion about the The School Hierarchy of Needs by talking about the People component. In most cases, what leaders see as a "people problem," Builders recognize as a Process Problem.

Thus, instead of trying to "fix" people, Builders put systems in place to ensure that no matter what anyone does, it will not derail their vision, take them off mission, or violate their core values. That way, they can treat their staff like people always without getting caught up in the drama some people may bring.

So tune into today's episode where you'll discover how to handle your "people problems" #LikeABuilder.

Check out these highlights:

  • Why Builders never have “people problems.”
  • The danger in seeing people as problems and what Builders do instead.
  • How the right Feedback System can keep everyone focused on the vision, mission, and core values.
  • Why your teacher support needs to be deliberate, differentiated, and developmental if it is going to help teachers grow.
  • How Builders see accountability differently than leaders do and how that makes all the difference in helping people be truly accountable. 
  • How leaders get school culture wrong and how their efforts to build a strong school culture usually backfires.
  • Why Builders don’t try to “fix” anyone.
  • How Builders are able to get ALL their teachers to develop the WILL and SKILL they need to move their visions forward. 
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