Why you should be conducting Exit Interviews

Biggest Takeaways You Don't Want to Miss:

  • An Exit Interview is a powerful way to provide closure for you and for any teacher who is leaving.
  • Exit Interviews can give you really meaningful feedback that you can’t get any other way. 
  • If you aren’t doing exit interviews, you are not only leaving an open loop with the teachers who are leaving, you are missing a valuable opportunity to improve the way that you support and serve the teachers who are staying. 
  • Exit interviews are a great way to discover leaks in your systems, and areas of misalignment with your vision, mission, and core values. 

This week, we’re starting a new series around practical things you can do now to finish the school year strong and set your school up for an even better start next school year.

Today, we’re talking about a seriously under used and undervalued tool you can use to collect meaningful feedback from teachers, improve your teacher retention rate, and build a stronger school culture: The Exit Interview.

Tune in to discover why you should be conducting Exit Interviews, how to set up Exit Interviews, and the Exit Interview questions you should be asking. By the time you’re done listening, you’ll know how to conduct Exit Interviews with your staff #LikeABuilder.

Check out these highlights:

  • Why you should be conducting Exit Interviews with every teacher who is leaving your school.
  • How to set up your Exit Interview process.
  • The question you should start every Exit Interview with and why.
  • How to phrase your questions to get better answers from teachers.  
  • How to phrase your questions to get better answers from teachers.
  • How not to come off as needy when asking questions during your Exit Interview.
  • The question many businesses use to gain powerful feedback from their customers and how you can use this in your Exit Interview.
  • The question with which I like to end every Exit Interview.
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