5 Questions You Should Be Asking Before You Close the School Year

Biggest Takeaways You Don't Want to Miss:

  • Leaders focus on getting through the end of the year. Builders use the end of the year as an opportunity for serious reflection that helps them learn from the school year and use those insights to build an even better experience for staff and students next year.
  • Instead of slogging through the end of the year, Builders use this time to create momentum that carries them into a strong summer planning season.
  • It’s one thing to reflect at the end of the year. It’s another thing to be able to turn those reflections into action that helps you make next year better.
  • Giving your team the opportunity to reflect on the year helps them envision what your school will need to look like in order for you to achieve your vision for 100% of your students. 

We all know that we should be reflective at the end of the school year and many of us try to find time to think about the past year and look for lessons we can take into the coming year.

And yet, if we just reflect without taking action, then all we’ve really done is daydream. That’s why this week, we’re concluding our series on practical things you can do now to end the year strong by examining how to turn your reflections into action.

You’ll discover 5 Questions you should be asking yourself and your team right now to help you take stock of the current school year and give you specific things you’ll need to address in the coming year.

Not only will these questions turn your end-of-the-year reflections into tangible actions you can take, but they’ll help you create an incredible amount of momentum for going into the summer planning season #LikeABuilder. 

Check out these highlights:

  • Ways to figure out what you really need to remove from teachers’ plates next year.
  • How you can do better by doing LESS.
  • Why you need to spend time looking at what IS working rather than just looking at what isn’t working.
  • Where to find ideas for what you should be adding next year.
  • When you need to start doing something new (and when it’s better not to).
  • Ways to overcome resistance to your school vision.
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