6 Early Warning Signs You May Be Giving Up on Your Vision

Biggest Takeaways You Don't Want to Miss:

  • Being a Builder is often lonely at first. You must be ready to step away from everyone else, move forward, and start building first. The more you keep building, the more others will join you. But if you wait for others to join you first, you may never get started. 
  • Traditional school systems tend to guard the status quo. When you’re a Builder, you step beyond the status quo and that can feel threatening to those who are more interested in maintaining it. 
  • If your vision is vulnerable to every change, mandate, or resistant person you encounter, then your vision isn’t strong enough.
  • Your vision must be un-set-aside-able. The moment you let your vision slip, you teach others that it isn’t worth investing in because it can be so easily ignored. 

I’ve noticed a disturbing trend lately. People who were once passionate about their visions have started to let them slip a little. Maybe it’s the fatigue of an especially grueling school year, or perhaps they’re caught up in the demands that the end of the school year brings, but they are starting to set their visions aside to work on “later” when things calm down.

This is a dangerous mistake and in today’s episode, we’re taking a deep dive into the dire consequences that come when you start losing sight of your vision. And, to keep you from letting your vision slip, I’m sharing 6 early warning signs you should be paying attention to so that you can refocus on your vision before it is too late. And, if you detect any of these early warning signs in your own practice, I’ll show you a simple thing you can do right now to get yourself back on track and refocused on your vision  #LikeABuilder. 

Check out these highlights:

  • Why your vision needs to be un-set-aside-able and how to tell if it isn’t.
  • 3 very real and very dangerous consequences of letting your vision slip.
  • Why you might be in denial and not even recognize it.  
  • How blaming others is a deceptive trap that keeps you stuck where you are.
  • Why even very legitimate excuses can keep you stuck in the status quo.
  • How having all the answers can make you lose sight of your vision. 
  • When you need help and what might be stopping you from receiving it. 
  • Why staying busy can fool you into thinking that you are making much more progress than you actually are. 
  • How traditional school systems can seem antithetical to Buildership and why you must keep building anyway
  • Why being a Builder can be a lonely business and what you can do to stave off isolation.
  • What to do if you see any of these early warning signs in yourself and how you can keep them from derailing your momentum. 
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