Why you may want to throw away your School Improvement Plan

Biggest Takeaways You Don't Want to Miss:
  • Most school improvement plans are little more than a work of fiction. They don’t represent the reality of our work and they present goals that are either too low or not meaningful enough to make a real difference in the lives of your students.
  • Builders approach planning differently. They use a planning process that allows them to set and reach high goals and execute with discipline.
  • When you approach planning #LikeABuilder, you can actually set higher goals, and more importantly, you can consistently and predictably meet them. 

How often have you written a beautiful School Improvement Plan, submitted it to your district, and then never referenced it again (at least until it's time to submit your end of the year progress report)? Or, how often have you created a SIP plan with the best of intentions only to find that you failed to execute it because life got in the way. Well if your School Improvement Planning process is not serving you, maybe it's time you had a different process.

That’s why this week, we’re revisiting Episode 76 where we’ll address how to go beyond school improvement planning to actually improving your school #LikeABuilder.

Check out these highlights:

  • Why the way that we were typically thought to plan for school improvement rarely works.
  • Why creating a School Improvement Plan is not the point. The point is to actually achieve meaningful results for students.
  • How Builder’s approach planning.
  • Why Builders think in 90-day cycles.
  • What is so magical about 90 days?
  • The difference between 90-day cycles and quarterly planning and why knowing this difference makes all the difference.
  • Why we often fail to execute on our plans and what you can do instead.
  • How you can make success more predictable.
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