Stop playing whack-a-mole

Biggest Takeaways You Don't Want to Miss:
  • It isn’t just about doing the right work; it’s about doing the right work at the right time. When it comes to seeing results from your work, timing is everything.
  • Instead of trying to focus on all the things, Builders focus on the root cause and solve that first. That way, they don’t waste time working on things that really won’t move them closer to their vision and can instead, focus only on the things that will have the biggest impact.
  • If you’re feeling like you’re working really hard but seeing very little results, take a step back and make sure that you are working on the right work. 
  • A Builder’s job is not to solve problems. Your first job is to identify the right problems to solve.  

It’s October and the back-to-school honeymoon is over.

Now is the time that many leaders begin to feel overwhelmed as they look at the enormity of the work before them.

That’s why on today’s episode, we’re going to tackle how to decide what is the right work to be working on right now.

You’ll discover how to use micro-slicing to week through the noise and distractions and focus on what really matters most #LikeABuilder

Check out these highlights:

  • How to stop putting out fires and focus on what really matters.
  • Why timing is everything when it comes to choosing what to focus on and what to ignore… for now.
  • Why you may be feeling like you’re working really hard and seeing very few results.
  • The specific tool Builder’s use to identify the right problems to solve.
  • How to get off the school improvement hamster wheel.
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