Is your school “on mission?”

Biggest Takeaways You Don't Want to Miss:
  • If your vision isn’t powered by a compelling “why” (your mission), it loses its impact.
  • Your mission modifies your vision. It’s what gives your vision meaning and purpose.
  • Although your vision is the sexy part of your school purpose, your mission is what helps you pursue your vision with integrity and impact.
  • Is the work you are doing right now on or off mission?

While your vision is the sexy part of your school purpose, your school mission is what gives your mission meaning. It modifies your vision and helps you achieve your vision in a way that has lasting impact.

So, it makes sense to check in from time to time to determine whether the work you are doing is “on mission.”

On today’s episode, discover what it means to be “on mission,” how Builders determine whether their work is “on mission,” and why it is so important to regularly monitor whether you are “on mission” if you want the work you do to have true impact.

By the time you’ve finished this episode, you’ll have the exact framework you need to determine whether your work is on or off mission #LikeABuilder.

Check out these highlights:
  • Why it can be easy to drift “off mission” if you aren’t careful.
  • How your mission modifies your vision. It gives your vision meaning. 
  • Why if you drift off mission, your work will lose its power and impact.
  • How Climate and culture issues often start when you drift off mission.
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