Dig the well BEFORE you’re thirsty

Biggest Takeaways You Don't Want to Miss:
  • Most leaders end up solving the same 4 or 5 problems over and over again.
  • We know that certain problems are going to crop up so why do we allow them to catch us off guard? Builders anticipate challenges and solve them ahead of time so that those challenges can’t derail their progress towards their goals.
  • Leaders often die of thirst. Builders dig their wells BEFORE they're thirsty.
  • Instead of reacting to challenges, Builders have a recover plan in place so that they can quickly resolve the challenge and get back to doing the work that really matters. 
  • When someone on your team drops the ball, most leadership strategies result in blame, shame, and judgment. But when you address the issue using Buildership, you can not only quickly recover and get your team back on track, you can actually empower your team to be even more accountable in the future.

Do you ever feel like you keep solving the same problems over and over again? Why not put systems in place to quickly resolve those common challenges when they crop up?

That way, instead of being caught off guard, you can quickly recover from your most pressing challenges by digging the well BEFORE you’re thirsty #LikeABuilder.

Check out these highlights:
  • Why most leaders continue to be caught off guard by even the most common challenges.
  • The limitations of leadership strategies to properly address “people” challenges.
  • How to quickly recover when someone on your team drops the ball. 
  • A simple example of an effective recover plan.
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