How to be transparent without stripping yourself naked

Biggest Takeaways You Don't Want to Miss:
  • One of the fastest ways to create toxicity in your culture is to be opaque about your vision, mission, and core values.
  • If you have a vague vision, you might as well have no vision at all.
  • A vague vision tricks you into believing you’re doing something important without your ever having to be accountable for the outcome.
  • When you practice staying in alignment with your vision, mission, and core values, people can trust you even when they don’t know the full story.  

Everyone tells you that the key to building trust is transparency, but no one ever tells you how to achieve that transparency.

So, we either try to be "strategically transparent" sharing some thing while withholding others (which often leads to more distrust) or we feel that we have to strop ourselves naked and share everything. Well the good news is, there is a better way. 

On today's episode, discover how you can be truly transparent and build real trust and still be able to keep confidential things confidential #LikeABuilder.

Check out these highlights:
  • Why selectively sharing information creates more distrust
  • How a vague vision, mission, and core values creates confusion and undermines your ability to be transparent
  • Specific ways to share the salient information without breaching trust and confidentiality
  • How to ensure that everyone still trusts you even when you can’t share everything
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