The Buildership Success Secrets

Biggest Takeaways You Don't Want to Miss:
  • Letting others define what success looks like for you and your school keeps you permanently on the hamster wheel chasing their goals instead of diligently pursuing your own.
  • We all say that we want “success” but we rarely take the time to truly define what success means for US.
  • True staff alignment doesn’t mean that we all get along all the time. True staff alignment means that we continue to unite around our vision even when we don’t get along.
  • As a Builder, your confidence is your most important asset. You must protect it fiercely.
  • Don’t let someone blind to your potential proofread your vision. 
We’re kicking off our Summer of Success series by talking about what “success” means to a Builder -- and trust me, it isn’t at all what we were taught to see as success.

Instead, you’ll discover a simple framework you can use to understand what success means for you, identify the metrics that really matter, and make sure that you are seeking the right kind of success instead of chasing the numbers other people told you were important.

My hope is that after you listen to this episode, you will bravely begin to define what success looks like for YOU, YOUR staff, and YOUR school.

It’s time to break free of what other people define as success and start seeking success on YOUR terms #LikeABuilder.

Check out these highlights:
  • How other people’s expectations of you can trap you into chasing their goals instead of your own. 
  • Why it’s not enough to have a strong vision.
  • The key to true cohesion and alignment in your staff.
  • How to identify the right improvement goals for yourself.
  • Why confidence in your most important asset as a Builder. 
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