More. Better. New.

Biggest Takeaways You Don't Want to Miss:
  • We spend so much time focusing on the holes in our schools that we lose sight of the goals of our schools. 
  • Before you try something new, make sure that you’ve maximized what’s already working.
  • Leaders focus on filling deficits. Builders focus on building on what’s already working. So, you have to decide do you want to spend your time filling ditches or do you want to spend your time building something better. 
  • Instead of lamenting all the things that aren’t working in your school, find those things that are working and build on those. 
  • Lurching from one new initiative to the next keeps us trapped in mediocrity. We never give ourselves and our teachers time to get good at anything.
Every school year, we find ourselves trying something new. A new program. A new schedule. A new team configuration. A new system. A new guru. In fact, we’re told that if we are not constantly innovating, we are stagnating.

So, we feel pressure to be “innovative” so we can maintain our street cred out here in these leadership streets. But, we’re so busy chasing new stuff, that we ignore all the things that we are already doing that are working. Or WORSE, we get rid of what is already working to make space for the new stuff. Doing so keeps us trapped in mediocrity because when we’re always chasing the new, we never give ourselves time to get good at anything.  

Builders do things differently. Builders find what’s already working, do MORE of that until they get really good at it, and THEN they try something new. As a result, Builders create more momentum, more progress, and ultimately more results for students.

On today’s episode, discover how a simple mantra can help you stop chasing every shiny object and create real results #LikeABuilder.

Check out these highlights:
  • The simple mantra that can help you significantly increase your school success this year
  • How to completely eliminate your overwhelm
  • A simple but powerful way to inspire and motivate your teachers to grow
  • The hidden secret to help you inspire your most reluctant students to engage in their learning
  • How to give you and your staff focus, direction, and momentum
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