The Hidden Danger of Quick Wins

Big Takeaways

  • People love quick wins. But 100% Success requires sustained effort.
  • Most people will never achieve their goals, not because they don’t have the right strategy, but because they don’t do it long enough.
  • You wonder why your teachers won’t invest in your latest initiative? Maybe it’s because they know that in a few months, you’ll be on to the next thing.
  • Quick wins are a trap. They get you focused on tricks and shortcuts instead of doing the real work to build sustainable results.
  • Most people give up too soon. They’ll be THIS close to their goals but get bored or frustrated and never realize that if they had just stuck with it, they would have succeeded.
  • The best way to fail is to stop trying.
Everyone loves a quick win. They make us feel good, but in most cases those quick wins don’t really solve our challenges. At best, they are a bandaid that makes us feel like we are making progress when all we’re really doing is kicking the can down the road. Discover some of the hidden dangers of quick wins and learn what you can do instead to create sustained success#LikeABuilder.

Check out these highlights:
  • To hidden dangers that come when you go for the quick wins
  • The 4 disciplines of Buildership and how they help us solve our challenges once and for all
  • Why the way we were trained relies on tricks and shortcuts but doesn’t really help us solve problems.
  • How to create sustainable success for 100% of your students.
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