The 7 Principles of Effective Instruction Part 1

Biggest Takeaways You Don't Want to Miss:

  • Checking lesson plans is a waste of time. It’s more important to see how a teacher plans to help students achieve the standards during a unit of instruction than to see what the teacher is doing on a daily basis.  
  • Every student brings their own emotional, social, and academic currency to the classroom. If you don’t understand the currencies they bring, you cannot effectively serve them. 
  • Most standards “unpacking” exercises really don’t help teachers truly understand the standards. Unless teachers understand the thinking required by the standards, underlining the nouns and circling the verbs in the standards does nothing. 
  • High expectations reveal less about what we think about the students in front of us and more about what we think about our ability to help them succeed.
  • Unless you understand the principles of effective instruction, your tactics will never work as well as you want them to.
You probably know this already, but it bears repeating -- tactics don’t transform instruction. You can give teachers all the tactics you want, but if they don’t understand how to help all students learn, your tactics will fail them.

That’s why on this episode we’re breaking down the principles of effective instruction so that you can help every teacher in your building become a master teacher. 

This episode breaks down the first 3 principles of effective instruction and shows you how implementing them on a regular basis can significantly change the instructional quality of your entire school.

The next episode will tackle the other 4 principles.

By the time you’re finished with this series, you’ll understand exactly what it takes to achieve 100% student success in the classroom #LikeABuilder. 

Check out these highlights:
  • A simple way to turbo-charge your SEL efforts
  • Why checking lesson plans is a waste of time (and what you should be doing instead)
  • The thing we get wrong about high expectations that may be setting you and your teachers up to fail.
  • How to help every teacher meet students where they are.
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