Are you the bottleneck in your school?

Biggest Takeaways You Don't Want to Miss:

  • If your school can’t continue to grow without you, then YOU are the bottleneck in your school.
  • When we treat teachers like renters rather than owners, we can’t get mad when they don’t take responsibility for their growth or their outcomes. 
  • If the “support” you give teachers doesn’t empower them to be better on their own, than your support is really a crutch.
  • It’s hard to move your school forward if everyone is not in alignment with your vision.
  •  It’s one thing to get people hyped  up at the beginning of the year. Anyone can do that. The big question is can you keep everyone meaningfully engaged in the important work through January, February, and March? 
This is the first part of a new series we’re doing on how to build a strong team where everyone is focused on doing the right work the right way.

Today, we’re unpacking one of the biggest leadership traps that keeps you from moving your school forward and along the way, you’ll discover 4 critical elements that keep you from being the bottleneck in your school.

That way, you can empower your team to take more ownership over the work and see more significant gains in your school #LikeABuilder.

Check out these highlights:
  • Why “leadership” traps you into being the bottleneck of your school.
  • How to help your staff take more ownership over their work and their results.
  • Why the way we were trained to give support actually prevents teachers from taking more ownership.
  • The way to create true accountability.
  • How to keep your teachers meaningfully engaged in the work over the long haul. 
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