Summer Success Series Pt. 4: How to set and Uphold High Expectations of Teachers

Biggest Takeaways You Don't Want to Miss:

  • High standards are not the same as high expectations. Your standards set the bar. Your Expectations are your belief about whether your teachers will reach the bar. 
  • The purpose of feedback is to help people see where they stand in relationship to the expectations. Do this right and they will choose to close that gap on their own.
  • The purpose of support is to empower people to close the gaps revealed by your feedback, not to “fix” them.
  • High expectations without the feedback, support, accountability, and culture to support them just feel like unreasonable demands. 
  • High Expectations done right leaves people feeling inspired and empowered. High Expectations done wrong just leaves people feeling pressured and paralyzed.  
For years we’ve been taught that if we just believed in our people enough, they would rise to the level of our expectations.

So why is it that when we set high expectations of our staff, we are often accused of wanting too much, pushing too hard, and being unreasonable? It all has to do with how we were trained. 

On today’s episode, we’ll unpack some of the myths around high expectations that create friction in our schools and you’ll discover how to set and uphold high expectations without making people feel pressured or paralyzed because you’ve set high expectations #LikeABuilder. 

Check out these highlights:
  • The difference between organizational expectations and role expectations
  • How to easily deal with teachers who renege on their commitments in a way that leaves the responsibility with them
  • Why the way that you give teachers feedback and support will either inspire them to want to rise to your expectations or push back against them
  • Why it’s important to be crystal clear about role expectations from the very start
  • The 3 things you need to make role expectations clear
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