The Most Powerful Way to Motivate Anybody

Biggest Takeaways You Don't Want to Miss:
  • There is another secret weapon you can use not only to get yourself out of judgment, but to help you understand where a teacher is coming from and how to shape the way you deal with that teacher so that you can have the biggest impact on that teacher.
  • The secret is something I call Will Drivers and understanding this secret will literally change your life.
  • Will drivers help you understand people’s actions and show you exactly how to respond to get and keep someone motivated and energized and excited about their work over time.
  • There are 3 Ways you can detect the will drivers of others. Once you learn these strategies, you can understand what’s driving people’s behavior and uncover new ways to motivate them.

In this episode,  I’m going to share with you my secret weapon. It’s the most powerful way I know to get someone motivated and sustain their motivation over time. What’s the secret? It’s something that I call Will Drivers and once you learn how to detect them in others, they will literally change your life.

Check out these highlights:
  • The 4 Things we all need in order to be motivated. [6:00]
  • Did you know that each of us has a dominant will driver that guides every decision we make? And our dominant will driver shapes how we see and interact in the world. [9:58]
  • Autonomy is the need to have choices about the things that matter to you. [11:18]
  • Mastery is the need to feel that you can get good at something that matters. [12:29]
  • Purpose is the need to feel that you are doing something that matters. [13:14]
  • Connection is the need to feel that you matter to those who matter to you. [14:24]
  • The main reason we can’t get through to a teacher or get a teacher motivated. [15:29]
  • The 3 most powerful ways to detect someone’s will driver. [16:14]
  • What you must do if you want to motivate a teacher. [26:07]
  • The most powerful way I know to motivate teachers and sustain their motivation over time. [27:17]
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