The Fish Rots from the Head

Biggest Takeaways You Don't Want to Miss:
  • Whenever you get frustrated with your staff, it’s important to look inward first. Usually, the state of your school is a reflection of the state of your own leadership.
  • Builders take responsibility for their school culture and recognize that they exert a tremendous amount of influence on the health of their school climate.
  • If you want to heal a culture, it starts with you first. 

Ever get frustrated that your staff isn’t performing as you’d like? Worried that your team is getting a little lax? Well, I’ve got a mindsteps-ism for you, but you’re not gonna like it. You see, a lot of times, the very behaviors that frustrate us are behaviors we’re practicing ourselves.

The fish rots from the head.

So, in today’s episode, we’re going to engage in some real talk about the subtle ways that we shape our culture -- for good or for bad -- and how you can leverage this amazing power you have to shape culture to heal your school climate #LikeABuilder

Check out these highlights:

  • The 2020 dates for Builders’ Lab have been released! Go to www.mindstepsinc.com/builders-lab to get your tickets.
  • ​The event that forced me to take a real, hard look in the mirror.
  • Why it’s so hard to be self-reflective as a leader.
  • How I almost got thrown out of a board meeting.

  • The hidden power you have to shape your school’s culture.
  • ​​Why it’s important to harness that power in order to build a healthy school climate.
  • ​​3 subtle ways you influence your culture.
  • How you can “use your powers for the good” to heal your school culture and help everyone do the right work the right way.

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