Anchor in the Outcome

Biggest Takeaways You Don't Want to Miss:
  • We cannot control how things will go in the weeks ahead, but we can do something that will literally guarantee that the decisions we make now will not come back to haunt us when we enter the new normal.
  • There is a growing divide between schools that have anchored in the outcome and those who have not, and that divide will continue to grow in the weeks ahead.
  • There are 3 steps you must take if you are going to help your school thrive now and in the future. These steps are not easy, but if you don’t take them now, you will find your school adrift in the midst of this crisis, and behind when we finally get through it.

Fact: Schools are in a state of flux, uncertain about whether we are even going to have school for the rest of the year. Things are changing daily and it's hard to make plans when those plans could be trashed at any moment by the next announcement from the president, governor, or superintendent. 

So how do you make good decisions under these uncertain times, and how do you help your school thrive now, and set your school up to be successful later?

The answer is this week's mindsteps-ism: "Anchor in the outcome." Tune in for some real talk about how you can weather these storms #LikeABuilder

Check out these highlights:

  • The 2020 dates for Builders’ Lab have been released! Go to www.mindstepsinc.com/builders-lab to get your tickets.
  • ​Why so many of us are stressed out right now.
  • ​Why we cannot just react and what we need to be doing instead.
  • How Builders are responding to the Covid-19 crisis and keeping their schools intact.
  • 3 steps you must take if you want to help your school thrive now and set yourself up for the “new normal” ahead.

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