Unmotivated People Can’t Motivate Anybody

Biggest Takeaways You Don't Want to Miss:
  • During times of crisis, it’s easy to lose motivation as things become overwhelming. But, unmotivated people can’t motivate anybody. So, if you want to keep your team motivated, you must be intentional about how you talk about the crisis, or you could be unintentionally DE-motivating your staff, parents, and students.
  • In times of crisis Builders keep building. There are 5 things you can do right now that help you not only keep your staff motivated, they help you keep everyone focused on building instead of giving up, settling for the status quo, or giving into despair.

In these uncertain times, it's hard to keep yourself motivated. Sure, you put on a calm face, but inside, you're grappling with some of the same fears, frustrations, and challenges your teachers are facing. How can you motivate your teachers when you're worried yourself? And, how can your teachers motivate their students, when they are struggling to stay motivated themselves?

That's why this week's mindsteps-ism is this: "Unmotivated people can't motivate anybody." So, if you want to keep your team motivated, here are 5 things you can do that will help them stay motivated and be resilient in the midst of crisis #LikeABuilder (Bonus: these tips will help you too!)

Check out these highlights:

  • Builder’s Lab East and West are still happening this summer. Go to www.mindstepsinc.com/builders-lab to get your tickets.  
  • We’ve built a new, free pop-up group to support you during this time with training, resources, and office hours where you can get my personal help on your specific challenges. You can join and get access to all the free resources, training archives and any upcoming training or office hours we’re hosting.
  • ​Why it’s so important to manage your motivation during crisis.
  • Why you must be intentional in how you motivate your team or else your attempts to motivate them may backfire.

  • How to confront the brutal facts but maintain unwavering faith.

  • How to reframe your narrative to keep your staff motivated.

  • Why now, more than ever, you should focus on your school’s destiny.

  • How to help your teachers see their struggles in a different light.

  • How to earn your success story.

  • Why now is your most critical time as a Builder and how you can leverage it to build a better future for your school.

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