What are Your School’s REAL Core Values?

Biggest Takeaways You Don't Want to Miss:
  • Your Core Values are a largely under-used but powerful secret weapon to help you not only build trust with your teachers, parents, and students in a way that makes everyone immediately more accountable.
  • Turning your Core Values into non-negotiables is a simple process, but once you do, you have so much more clarity and transparency which allows you make better decisions that move your school forward.

Have you ever endured one of those awful core values exercises? And then, once you’re done, you throw them up on the wall and never do anything with them again? You see, there’s difference between the core values we have on the wall and the ones that play out each day in school. In this episode, we’re going to examine what our REAL core values are and how we can leverage them in a powerful way to do everything from hold teachers more accountable, to shape our instructional program, to better communicate with parents and students.

Check out these highlights:
  • Why your Core Values are a largely under-used but powerful secret weapon. [1:24]
  • The number one way to make your core values more powerful [6:21]
  • How you can immediately leverage your core values into a really powerful decision filter that helps you build consistency and trust with your teachers, parents, and students. [8:54]
  • Why core values are a great way to make hiring decisions and I’ll talk a little more about that next time and to attract the right people to your school and repel the wrong ones. [12:09]
  • How you can use your core values to immediately hold everyone more accountable and make difficult conversations exponentially easier as a result. [16:30]
  • The exact process you can use to turn your core values into non-negotiables. [23:00]
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