How to Build Your Master Schedule 

Biggest Takeaways You Don't Want to Miss:
  • Bosses have Process-Driven master schedules. They often put off the process until the last minute (or delegate it to someone else), go through the motions in order to complete the paperwork, and never really consider how the master schedule can drive the work of their school.
  • Leaders have People-Driven master schedules. They consider the needs of the teachers, students, parents, and district when determining their schedules. The problem is, often these needs sometimes drown out the vision, mission, and core values and take the school off purpose.
  • Builders have a Purpose-Driven master schedule. They rigorously sift every master scheduling decision through their vision, mission, and core values so that they can leverage their master schedule to help their school achieve their vision for 100% of their students.

It's master scheduling season so on this episode, we thought we'd share something really practical. Usually, just the mention of master scheduling can elicit groans. But, your master schedule is really one of the most powerful tools you have to achieve your school vision. Done right, your master schedule can help you achieve dramatic growth in just one year. Done wrong, and your master schedule can keep you stuck in mediocrity.  So tune in to find out why bosses rarely get their master schedules in on time, why you shouldn't consider people's needs first when creating your master schedule, and how Builders leverage the entire master scheduling process to help their school achieve major gains in just one year. Plus, get the details on a free Master Schedule Master Class we're hosting this week so that you can start creating your master schedule #LikeABuilder.

Check out these highlights:

  • Why your master schedule is one of the most powerful (and under-used) tools you have to achieve your vision for your school.
  • How a process-driven master schedule usually results in a late, poorly considered master schedule that doesn’t move your school forward.
  • Why you should not consider people’s needs first when creating your master schedule.
  • How focusing on your master schedule seasonally keeps you from building a powerful master schedule each year.
  • Why Builders plan their master schedules all year long.
  • How Builders start the master scheduling process.
  • How to get everyone on your Building Leadership Team on board with your master schedule (even if they have their own agendas).
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