5 Crucial Mistakes We Often Make When Trying to Support A Struggling Teacher (And what you should be doing instead)

Biggest Takeaways You Don't Want to Miss:
  • ​The way that most of us were trained to work with struggling teachers is not only wrong, it can actually make the teacher worse and potentially ruin our ability to have real influence with the teacher in the process.
  • There are 5 crucial mistakes that most of us often make when supporting struggling teachers. If we can recognize them, we can make slight shifts to our approach that will make a HUGE difference in helping even struggling teachers eventually become master teachers.

Did you know that many of the things we were taught to do to support struggling teachers just don’t work? In fact, they can actually make the teacher worse and perhaps even destroy our relationship with the teacher in the process? If you’re frustrated that you aren’t making progress with a struggling teacher, stop beating yourself up. It’s likely you are just following your training which has set you up to make one or more of these mistakes. Instead, listen to learn the 5 crucial mistakes we often make when supporting struggling teachers and find out what you SHOULD be doing instead.

Check out these highlights:
  • square
    Why much of our training on how to support struggling teachers is wrong.
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    Why you actually shouldn’t start feedback conversations with a question.
  • square
    How the way that we were typically taught to give feedback is actually overwhelming to struggling teachers.
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    Why most feedback shuts down real thinking and how you can help struggling teachers do the thinking for him- or herself.
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    The 6-word phrase you can use to immediately clear up confusion and give struggling teachers clarity about what they should be doing next.
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    The right way to get struggling teachers on the road to mastery.
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