Are you doing the right work right now?

Biggest Takeaways You Don't Want to Miss:

  • The path to success is never linear. So, your plans must account for the natural twists and turns of the change process if your plans have any hope of succeeding.
  • Leaders struggle to stick to their plans because their plans are really works of fiction. Builders are able to stick to their plans because they create plans that reflect their reality.
  • Life will happen. You need to create a plan that can withstand the unpredictability of life and keep you on track regardless of what life throws at you.
  • Builders have a very specific way of planning that ensures that they not only complete their plans, but that their plans result in success.

Nothing is more frustrating than working really hard at something but having little to show for your hard work in the end. And yet, so many schools spend tons of time and energy working really hard and not seeing the results they want from their hard work. There's a reason for that.

You see, if you are working really hard at the WRONG things, you will never get the results you seek.

That's why Builders spend time charting the right Pathway first, before they get to work. That way, they don't waste time doing work that won't matter, and can see HUGE results quickly because they are doing the right work, at the right time. 

If you're tired of working hard and seeing few results, then today's episode will help you identify the right work for your school #LikeABuilder. 

Check out these highlights:

  • Why the Planning Level in the School Hierarchy of Needs is often where leaders get stuck.
  • How Builders plan differently and how doing so helps Builders ride the waves of change without losing sight of their goals.
  • Why so many “good” plans fail and how you can prevent your next plan from failing.
  • A big mistake most leaders make when creating their School Improvement Plans (and how you can avoid this mistake this year).
  • Why Builders plan in shorter, 90-day Planning cycles.
  • How Builders use the change process to build plans that can withstand the challenges that come with any change.
  • The Six E’s and how they can help you build a plan you can actually stick to.
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