Overcoming the 6 Sources of Resistance Part I

Biggest Takeaways You Don't Want to Miss:
  • When you understand the layers of resistance, you can stop having pointless arguments and actually deal with the root cause of the resistance and resolve it.
  • One of the biggest sources of resistance is that people don’t see that there is a problem. All too often, we skip this step and unfortunately, it’s what kills many initiatives before they ever get off the ground.
  • ​Sometimes people may secretly agree that there is a problem but be unwilling to admit that there is a problem for fear that they will be blamed or exposed. But, there is a huge opportunity here to help people face the truth, come out of hiding and denial, and actually feel empowered to change.
  • ​Ultimately, every layer of resistance presents a unique opportunity to get people engaged and fully invested in the changes you are trying to make. Once you understand the 6 layers of resistance, you’ll be able to spot the opportunities at each stage AND have an effective way to manage that resistance and help everyone get on board.

Are you facing resistance this year? You bring a new idea or an innovation to your staff and they push back, or they make excuses about why it can’t be done, or they try to distract you by saying, “we don’t need to work on that; we need to work on this other thing over here” or they sabotage your efforts either open or passive-aggressively?

Resistance is a huge headache and can really sap your energy, and if you’re not careful it can weaken your resolve and get you so focused on the distractions that you lose sight of your bigger and more important goals.

But you know what? Just like every other obstacle that you face as a Builder, there’s an opportunity there too. In fact, facing and dealing with resistance can actually help you get even MORE buy-in for your plans and even more support for your initiatives and I’m not just talking about fake, lip-service buy in either. I’m talking about real investment from the very people you depend on to transform your school.

In this episode, we're going to talk about how you can not only overcome resistance, but turn people's resistance into a real opportunity to help them buy into the changes you are asking them to make. That's right. We're going to tackle resistance #LikeABuilder.

Check out these highlights:
  • square
    ​The difference between the way that bosses, leaders, and Builders handle resistance.
  • square
    The two major types of resistance -- overt and passive aggressive resistance and why each is a major threat to the changes you want to make in your school this year.
  • square
    The one step most people miss that actually creates a lot of resistance.
  • square
    What to do when a teacher won’t admit that s/he has a problem.
  • square
    How to handle “yes, buts…” #LikeABuilder.
  • square
    Why so many people are stuck in denial and how to get them out of denial.
  • square
    One caveat to keep in mind when helping people face the truth.
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