How to Support Teachers #LikeABuilder

Biggest Takeaways You Don't Want to Miss:
  • The way that most of us were trained to support teachers is unfortunately, haphazard, ad hoc, and deficit-focused. As a result, teachers feel resentful and disempowered. 
  • Builders provide support that EMPOWERS teachers to reach the school vision, live out the school mission, and embody the school core values.
  • In order to support teachers you have to take into account teacher will and skill (as well as manage your own).
  • The best kind of support helps every teacher in your building (even those who are struggling) become master teachers.

​When you think of supporting teachers what comes to mind? Maybe it’s filling a PD day, or doing a book study, or having the teacher work with an instructional coach, or even modeling the lesson for them.

Now let me ask you another question…

How’s that working for ya?

If you’re like most leaders, you weren’t really trained on how to help a struggling teacher become a master teacher. In fact, you may not even believe it’s possible.

But Builders know that it is not only possible, it’s necessary if you are going to reach your vision, mission, and core values for your school.

So how do you provide teachers with the kind of support that produces tangible results year over year? What 3 things should you consider as you are designing teacher support for the year? How can you turn a struggling teacher into a master teacher? How can you not only improve a teacher’s skill but improve their will as well?

This week, you’re going to learn the answer to these questions and more as we talk about how to support your teachers #LikeABuilder.

Check out these highlights:
  • ​Why supporting teachers goes beyond filling up scheduled In-service days.
  • Why the way we were trained to support teachers doesn’t work. 
  • The real goal of support.
  • How the right kind of support can change teacher skill AND will.
  • The one thing that you must do if teachers are going to accept and apply your support. 
  • The three types of support every teacher needs.
  • Why a lot of teachers don’t accept our support and what you can do about it. 
  • The type of support most leaders neglect and why it’s keeping your teachers from working together as well as they could be. 
  • The “ninja” support move you can use to get even your most reluctant teachers to practice the right behaviors. 
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