How to Keep Your BEST Teachers #LikeABuilder

Biggest Takeaways You Don't Want to Miss:
  • Your best teachers are often the most neglected teachers in the building. They need a different type of buildership. In the same way that you expect teachers to differentiate for students, you need to differentiate for them.
  • Good teachers don’t leave jobs, they leave principals. If you want to keep your best teachers, you need to be intentional about nurturing them. 
  • Nurturing your best teachers goes beyond telling them, “Good Job!” There are 3 critical elements your best teachers need in order to feel challenged, nurtured, supported, and inspired. If you skip these 3 things, all the praise in the world won’t matter.

Unfortunately, our best teachers are often some of the most neglected teachers in our building.

We spend all our time and energy supporting struggling teachers, or chasing, checking, and correcting resistant teachers, that we may have little time or energy to devote to our best teachers.

As a result, many of our best teachers get fed up and leave, or they look for challenge elsewhere.

How can you be more intentional about supporting your best teachers?

How do you become a Builder who the best teachers WANT to work for?

And how can you create an environment where the best teachers thrive?

On today’s episode you’re going to learn 3 things you must do if you want to attract and keep the best teachers #LikeABuilder.

Check out these highlights:

  • Why your best teachers are often the most neglected teachers in the building.
  • The 4 areas where you need to differentiate your Buildership in order to meet the unique needs of your best teachers.
  • How Chick-fil-a gave me a really clever way to think about supporting your best teachers. 
  • Why having the right vision is crucial to keep your best teachers motivated.
  • How to give your best teachers growth opportunities without defaulting to leadership.
  • Why “teacher leadership” opportunities might not be what your best teachers need.
  • How to be the kind of Builder that master teachers seek out and want to work for.
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