You Asked, I Answered! 

Biggest Takeaways You Don't Want to Miss:
  • If you really want to get ALL your teachers to implement a new district initiative with fidelity, there are 6 things you must do.
  • If you have students who are struggling, there are some creative (and unconventional ways) to help them make huge gains in a short time. 
  • ​Before you make the leap to being an educational consultant, there are several key questions you need to answer first.   

In honor of our 50th episode, I'm doing something a little different -- I'm going to answer YOUR questions!

So, on this episode, I'm tackling challenges like how do you motivate teachers to implement a new district initiative, how do you get teachers to volunteer to work with students outside of their duty day, how can you become an educational consultant, and what do I do for fun?

Tune in to hear the answers (some of which are a little unconventional) on today's episode!

Check out these highlights:

  • The 2020 dates for Builders’ Lab will be released the first week in October. Go to www.mindstepsinc.com/builders-lab to get your tickets.  
  • Q1: The district has implemented a new (curriculum, intervention program, grading and reporting policy, etc.). My teachers are not consistent in following the new policy. They feel it is another box to check when they are already overwhelmed. How do I address this problem and motivate teachers to meet expectations. 
  • ​Q2: Our students need extra help. Can I ask teachers to stay beyond their duty day to tutor students. We can’t afford to pay them but our kids really need help. If not, what are some other ways that we can help our struggling students? 
  • Q3: How can I do what you do? 
  • Plus: Hear Robyn answer a few “Rapid Fire Questions.” 
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