3 Things You Must Do to Generate Momentum, Silence Critics, and Disarm Cynics 

Biggest Takeaways You Don't Want to Miss:
  • Training and resources alone are not enough to fully equip your teachers to act on your new initiative. You need to be intentional about how you plan your professional development if you want to ensure that your teachers are ready and willing to implement your initiative and incorporate it meaningfully into their practice.
  • Don’t be afraid of teacher complaints at this point. In fact, you should be actively seeking feedback from teachers in order to ensure that the rest of your initiative is successful. 
  • Ultimately how to manage the Engage Stage of the process will determine whether or not your teachers have the WILL and SKILL to make your new initiative successful.

You've gotten people excited.

You've overcome objections.

Now it's time to move forward with your plans for transformation. But, soon you find that not everyone is ready or able to move forward. So, you bring in training and provide resources, and still, teachers are not moving. Often, this is where many transformation plans stall.

Teachers SAY they buy into your initiative, but when it comes time to actually make changes, they soon get stuck. So, how do you generate momentum at this stage, while silencing critics, and disarming the skeptics?

On today's episode, you'll learn 3 crucial steps you must take to keep your people from getting stuck in that nebulous space between talking about the work and actually doing the work.

Check out these highlights:

  • The 2020 dates for Builders’ Lab will be released the first week in October. Go to www.mindstepsinc.com/builders-lab to get your tickets.  
  • Why many new initiative stall even after you’ve gotten buy-in from your teachers.
  • Why it’s important to generate momentum at this stage (and why so many school leaders neglect to do so).
  • Training and resources are not enough to get everyone successfully implementing your new initiative. Find out the missing ingredient that makes the difference between professional development that works and PD that fails.
  • Why collecting data at this stage is critical to the success of your initiative.
  • How to silence critics and disarm the skeptics with this “ninja move.”
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