​Builders go about support differently.

​​A Builders' support is never random. Instead, Builders tie their support to their ONE thing feedback. That way, they can tell whether or not the supports they provide are actually making a difference for the teacher.

​​There are no ambiguous results with Builders. Every support they provide moves teachers at least one level each year towards mastery.

​Builders are interested in Building Master Teachers.

​There is no use providing support of it isn't going to impact a teacher's practice. Builders offer differentiated support. Not all support will work with all teachers. Builders know that, so they ​carefully select the kinds of supports they provide so that their supports meedt teachers where they are and help them move to the next level.

Buildership Tools

  • Staff Development Kits

​​Our Staff Development Kits are a comprehensive program that guides your entire team (teachers, administrators, and facilitators) through each lesson, open discussions, implementation, and evaluation. It is designed to go over 16 weeks but can be used for the entire year.

It’s sustained, relevant, and customizable Professional Development at a fraction of the cost of bringing in speakers and experts.

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​In this book for school leaders, Robyn R. Jackson presents a new model for understanding teaching as a combination of skill and will and explains the best ways to support individual teachers’ ongoing professional development.

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