What ​separates normal feedback from the kind Builder's provide?

​Instead of the typical, formulaic, and highly scripted feedback that is tied to an evaluation instrument, Builders make every feedback conversation authentic, meaningful, and useful for not only their teachers but for themselves too.

​Builders us ONE Thing feedback to get teachers focused on what is most important. Instead of giving every teacher the same feedback, Builders offer teachers differentiated feedback that is designed to meet each teacher's professional development needs.

​We expect teachers to differentiate their instruction, so why don't we differentiate our instructional leadership Buildership?

​Builders know that differentiating their feedback means that they can give teachers the exact feedback they need to help them make the biggest gains each year. Teachers look forward to these feedback conversations because ONE thing feedback offers them real value that they can implement right away.

Buildership Tools

Get more training on ​how to give teachers powerful ONE thing Feedback that hones in on the root cause of their success or failure in the classroom and gets them focused on doing the RIGHT work to improve their practice. ​Give teachers feedback in a way you can immediately overcome objections, eliminates push-back, and ignites teachers to action. With this system you can reduce the overwhelm of paperwork and focus on giving teachers written feedback that not only has impact, but builds relationships rather than create animosity, resentment, and hurt feelings.

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​Get access to these powerful scripts that allow you to differentiate your feedback to teachers in a way that not only gets them clear on what they need to do to improve, but motivates them to actually act on your feedback and demonstrate improvement in the classroom.​

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