Are You Playing Offense or Defense

Biggest Takeaways You Don't Want to Miss:
  • Most of us are not really playing to win. We are playing not to lose.
  • The reason that we play defense instead of offense is that it is often easier to quantify what we have to lose than what we have to gain. That’s why your vision is so important.
  • The reason so many of us are playing defense instead of offense is that we were trained this way. Almost every leadership strategy we’ve learned is designed to show us how to defend against a problem rather than pursue our bigger vision.
  • How much of your day is spent playing defense rather than playing offense?

Ask yourself a question: Are you playing defense or are you playing offense? Is most of your day spent reacting to things that come up, or are you spending the majority of your time proactively pursuing your vision?  Most of the training we’ve received has taught us to focus on defense and so we create policies, systems, and routines that focus on solving existing challenges rather than preventing them in the first place.

Playing defense leaves us exhausted, frustrated, and overwhelmed. Playing offense leaves us energized, encouraged, and most important making steady progress towards our goals no matter what the circumstances. So tune into today’s episode and discover how to switch from playing defense to playing offense  #LikeABuilder.

Check out these highlights:

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  • 2 Real life examples of how we default to defense without even realizing it.
  • Why we tend to play defense and the toll it takes on your well-being.
  • Why playing offense helps you prevent problems proactively so that you are not stuck reacting to every crisis that comes along.
  • How to play offense even in the midst of one of the most challenging school years in recent memory.
  • How shifting to playing offense helps you see your problems in a brand new light.
  • Some real life examples of how switching from defense to offense can open up new options for old problems, and in some cases eliminate those problems altogether.
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