An Excerpt from Builder's Bootcamp 2022

Biggest Takeaways You Don't Want to Miss:
  • What you believe determines how you proceed. If you believe in the myths of leadership, those myths will keep you from walking in your true purpose as a Builder.
  • Builders turn the myths that hold others back on their heads. This is what allows Builders to see solutions where others only see problems and roadblocks.  When you divest yourself of the myths we were trained to believe, you open up new possibilities others have never even considered.
  • Those things that made you a good leader will almost inevitably get in the way of making you a great Builder.
  • Sometimes we don’t even realize that we are buying into a myth. That’s why we need to cross-examine every limitation we see to determine whether that limitation is truly a constraint, or are we only seeing it that way because we are buying into an outdated myth we were taught to believe.

We just wrapped up Builder's Lab and our Builder's Bootcamp for members of Buildership University and I thought it would be fun to share with you an excerpt.

During Builder's Bootcamp, we talked about some of the most persistent myths around leadership and how Buildership® turns those myths on their heads and opens up new opportunities that others miss. So, tune in today to discover how you can overcome the constraints of leadership #LikeABuilder.

Check out these highlights:

  • Announcement: We’re launching a new cohort this week inside of Buildership University and there is still time to join. Click here to join BU absolutely free.
  • Why the myths we were taught about leadership keep us trapped inside our constraints.
  • The strategy Builder’s use to uncover hidden myths that are holding them back and see new possibilities where others only see problems.
  • Why “survival mode” is a trap that keeps you stuck and creates long-term consequences.
  • How Builders keep the day-to-day demands from distracting them from their real work.
  • Why working hard doesn’t always lead to success.
  • How working for incremental success leads to missed goals.
  • Why it’s never okay to be a “bosshole.”
  • How you can still achieve your vision in 3 years or less with the people and resources you have right now.
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