Our Annual Summer Reading List

Biggest Takeaways You Don't Want to Miss:

  • When you are a Builder, you stay open to new ideas and use them to expand your own thinking and make what you are building better.
  • Builders understand that in order to create what Timothy R. Clark calls “psychological safety” they need to ensure that everyone they serve feels included, safe to learn, safe to contribute, and most important safe to challenge the status quo all without fear of being embarrassed, marginalized, or punished.
  • Builders are not just empathic. They combine their empathy with action so that they not only feel compassion for others but they take action to make conditions better for them as well. 
  • Builders try to avoid the echo chamber and expose themselves to a myriad of ideas. That way, they stay open-minded and are more likely to find novel solutions to tough challenges. 

It’s our annual Summer Reading list! Every year in June, we highlight 5 non-education books we think speak to some of the challenges we face in education right now and give us another perspective that we can use to build towards our vision, mission, and core values.

This year’s list is a particularly strong one with books to help you accomplish more by doing less, make better decisions even when you don’t have all the information you need, create psychological safety in your school, make hard calls with compassion and grace, and become (and help others to become) a life-long learner.

So tune in to hear what books made this year’s list and then check out those books this summer so that you can uplevel your thinking #LikeABuilder. 

Check out these highlights:

  • The book that explains why time management is not enough and how you should be thinking about your time instead.  
  • The book that shows you how to make better decisions in an environment where you don't have all the information you need and the things feel very uncertain.
  • The book that shows you how to increase intellectual friction while reducing social friction and creating psychological safety.
  • The book that shows you how to avoid “empathy overload” and still build with compassion.
  • The book that finally explains what it means to be a life-long learner and shows you how to help others become the same.
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