The ONE solution to every “People Problem”

Biggest Takeaways You Don't Want to Miss:
  • We often treat our people problems as if they are each a separate issue when in fact, all people problems have ONE cause and ONE solution.
  • If you’re struggling with resistance and push-back with your staff, there’s a very simple reason why -- You and your staff are out of alignment. Until you get back into alignment, you’ll continue to struggle.
  • The advice we’re usually given to deal with people problems -- write them up, have a crucial conversation, work on the relationship, get rid of them -- rarely work. In fact, they can create more tension, more stress, and more toxicity in your school and if used incorrectly, can permanently damage the relationship you have with your teachers.
  • If you and your staff are not aligned around a vision, mission, and core values, you WILL experience conflict, tension, and division. 

We tend to treat people problems as if they are all different and require different solutions for each situation. But in today's episode, I’m going to make the case that every people problem you face -- whether it’s a resistant teacher, a toxic culture, or a broken relationship with your team -- are all different versions of the exact same problem: A lack of Alignment.

And, I’m also going to show you how the solutions we’ve been taught to apply -- writing people up, having tough conversations, working on the relationship, etc. -- won’t solve these problems.

However, there is a solution and I’m going to break it down in today's episode.

By the time you’re done listening, you’ll know how to stop wasting time dealing with these type of challenges one-by-one and apply the ONE solution that will solve them all #LikeABuilder.

Check out these highlights:
  • The different people problems principals face this time of year.
  • Why the strategies we’ve been taught to use to solve people problems not only don’t work, but can actually create bigger problems.
  • The ONE cause at the root of all people problems.
  • The ONE solution that will solve every people problem.
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