These 3 Things are Holding You Back

Biggest Takeaways You Don't Want to Miss:
  • Leadership teaches you that you must be a certain personality or have certain traits in order to be a “good leader.” Buildership assures you that you already have and are everything you need in order to be a Builder.
  • Leaders struggle to find time or save time. Builders know how to create time.
  • When you think there is no hope, you close yourself off to the opportunities that exist for you right now in your current situation. When you’re a Builder, you know that there is ALWAYS hope, ALWAYS a solution, and ALWAYS a way through.
  • Buildership is a mindset, not a set of traits. That means that you can be a Builder no matter what your personality, style, or gifts.
  • Surround yourself with people who believe even when you’ve lost your own faith. They can help you see past your current challenges and find opportunities you may not yet recognize. 

There are some sneaky beliefs that many of us were trained to adopt that actually keep us from making a bigger difference in our school.

Not only do they lead to frustration and feeling stuck, these false beliefs prevent us from having a bigger impact and rob us of our confidence. 

But what really makes them so dangerous is that we are often taught to think this way in our leadership development programs.

On today’s episode, we tackle these 3 false beliefs and show you the simple mind shifts (we call them “mindsteps) you can take to overcome these false beliefs and see the true possibilities ahead. #LikeABuilder.

Check out these highlights:
  • What I learned from someone I thought was a “bad” teacher.
  • How “being realistic” can actually create a worse reality for you and your school.
  • The hidden opportunities in every situation (no matter how hopeless it seems)
  • Why Builders never worry about not having enough time.
  • How you can make a bigger difference even if you don’t fit the mold of what a “good leader” should be. 
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