Keeping District Demand from Derailing Your Progress

Big Takeaways

  • Stop waiting for others to believe in your 100% vision before you get started. Sometimes the only way to get others to believe that your 100% vision is possible is to show them.

  • Not everyone will believe in your 100% vision. Pursue it anyway. 

  • Sometimes we forget that as the principal who is ultimately responsible for our schools, we have a responsibility to protect our vision even from our districts.

  • You must be your vision’s fiercest advocate. 

  • Not everyone who says they believe in “all students” is willing to do the hard work to ensure that 100% of students are successful. 

If you’ve ever felt like district demands keep you from pursuing your 100% vision then today’s episode is for you. Discover how to secure the support of your district for your 100% vision, and how to keep district demands from derailing your progress. If you are currently struggling to move forward or you feel bogged down by district demands, you’ll walk away with practical insight on how to comply with your district without sacrificing your 100% vision #LikeABuilder.

Check out these highlights:
  • How to secure your district’s support for your 100% Vision.
  • Ways to turn any district demand into something that serves your vision.
  • Why you must be your vision’s fiercest advocate.
  • Specific ways to protect your vision from district demands.
  • How to comply with district demands without slowing down your own progress.
  • Specific ways to work WITH your district rather than fighting against district demands.

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