How Your Will Driver May Be Unintentionally De-Motivating Teachers And
What You Can Do About It

Biggest Takeaways You Don't Want to Miss:
  • All of us has a Dominant Will Driver. If you don’t recognize and understand your Dominant Will Driver, it can seriously undermine your ability to motivate and influence those you serve.
  • Once you understand your dominant will driver, you’ll start to see it show up in just about everything you do -- from the way that you give teachers feedback, to how you support teachers, to how you help those you serve be more accountable, to how you contribute to the school culture. Everything you do is driven by your dominant will driver.
  • If you are not aware of your will driver, and if you don’t adjust your style to meet people where they are, you may end up repelling the very people you are trying to attract to your vision.

Have you ever found that some teachers are easier to work with while others Get. On. your. Nerves? Are there some teachers who cheerfully respond to your calls to action, while others are slow to move … if they move at all. Well, there’s a very simple explanation for that and it has to do with your dominant will driver. All of us has a dominant will driver and it not only governs how YOU are motivated, it also influences the way that you respond to other people and the way that they respond to you. ​In this episode, you’ll learn what your dominant Will Driver is, and how it affects the way you attempt to motivate others… and how they respond to you. Plus, you’ll find out how you can adjust your style so that you can get every teacher moving, regardless of your dominant Will Driver or theirs. 

Check out these highlights:
  • square
    What one post-observation conversation that went horribly wrong taught me about Will Drivers. [1:30]
  • square
    The Clash of the Will Drivers and how it can derail your ability to motivate and influence others. [3:58]
  • If your Will Driver is Autonomy, here’s how your style may actually be frustrating those you serve.[8:45]
  • If your Will Driver is Mastery, you may be surprised to learn how your style may be creating tension with those you serve.[12:41] [12:29]
  • Are you Connection-Driven? Here’s how your style may actually be harming your relationships with others.[19:24]
  • square
    Is your Will Driver Purpose? You’ll want to know how your style may be undermining your ability to inspire others to serve. [21:38]
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