5 Tips for Engaging Parents

Biggest Takeaways You Don't Want to Miss:
  • It’s easy to get parental engagement wrong. But, it’s just as easy to get it right. The difference is that you must take time at the beginning to define the kind of relationship you want to have with parents and do the real work of understanding the kind of relationship they need with you.
  • Leaders look for parental engagement strategies. Builders play the long game and build strong relationships with parents that will outlast any strategy.
  • The biggest thing you can do to establish strong relationships with parents is to be proactive. Just like you must start where students are, you must start where their parents are if you want to develop meaningful partnership with them.

When it comes to engaging parents, it can be difficult to develop positive, meaningful relationships, especially when everyone is already under a great deal of stress. I've made my mistakes along the way and learned from them and on today's episode, I want to share 5 tips for getting meaningfully engaging parents in your classrooms and in your school. You'll discover 2 big mistakes to avoid, and 5 counterintuitive ways to get parents more involved. By the time you're done listening, you'll be ready to develop more positive and productive relationships with parents #LikeABuilder.

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  • That time I botched a phone call home.
  • The 2 mistakes we often make when trying to reach out to parents.
  • Why defining the relationship you want with parents first is so important.
  • How to put yourself in parents’ shoes and why it’s critical that you do so.
  • The critical difference between the way leaders pursue relationship with parents and the way that builders build strong parental ties.
  • Why inviting parents to the school may be the wrong approach.
  • How to ensure that your parental outreach efforts aren’t sporadic.
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