5 Lies You’ve Been Taught About Leadership

Biggest Takeaways You Don't Want to Miss:
  • The reason that leadership strategies often fail us is not because we aren’t executing them correctly. The reason they fail is is because they are based on a lie to begin with
  • Once you understand the lie behind many ineffective leadership practices, you can stop feeling frustrated and start seeing success in areas where you’ve previously failed.
  • The truth shall set you free. Knowing the truth about leadership and stepping into Buildership frees you to find solutions where there seemed to be none.

Over the years, most of us were trained to be leaders. We followed what we were told made "good" leaders and dutifully applied what we were trained to do, only to meet with frustration when our training didn't deliver the results we thought we should be seeing.

Many of us blame ourselves and look for even more leadership strategies hoping something will work. But the truth is, those strategies aren't working because they are based on lies we've been told about leadership. So if you're frustrated that the leadership strategies you've been taught aren't working the way you expected, maybe it isn't you after all. Today, we're pulling the curtain back from those lies and exposing the truth #LikeABuilder

Check out these highlights:

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  • How the power dynamic often destroys true reflection and what you can do about it.
  • Why ignoring power dynamics creates more complicated power dynamics.
  • How to stop playing “whack-a-mole” with your problems and solve them once and for all.
  • Why the problem is often not your real problem.
  • How Builders are able to execute on their plans when leaders are not.
  • How to deal with things that feel outside your control.
  • Ways to step out of the lies of leadership and into the truth #LikeABuilder
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