What Are You Asking People To Accept?

Biggest Takeaways You Don't Want to Miss:
  • Bosses depend on authority to get teachers to accept untenable requests, but doing so can completely ruin your culture and keep you engaged in fighting for power instead of fighting for your students.
  • Leaders depend on teachers’ good will to get stuff done and in doing so, they end up burning their teachers out and depleting their staff’s internal resources.
  • Builders don’t ask others to do anything that is not good for their school, their students, and for them.

We're continuing our series on Bosses, Leaders, and Builders this week by looking at the difference between the way that Bosses and Leaders try to get others moving and Builders do. It all boils down to a simple difference -- Bosses and Leaders try to get others to comply or accept their requests even when their requests are not in the best interests of students and teachers.

Builders, on the other hand, never ask others to accept or comply with something that isn't good. Instead, they sift everything through their vision, mission, and core values and only ask others to do that which is truly good for them and good for their students. If you find yourself trying to figure out how to get others to do something that you yourself don't even believe in, then you'll want to listen to this episode to discover how to rewrite untenable requests and get others on board #LikeABuilder.

Check out these highlights:

  • The Mindsteps Pop Up Group will be open until the end of the month. Click here to join this free group and get access to all the trainings and workshops there.
  • Why resorting to authority is a trap that strips you of real power.
  • How depending on teachers’ good will masks a broken system.
  • Why the prevailing ethos of the “sacrificial teacher” is actually hurting our ability to serve students.
  • Why I hate “teacher movies.
  • How Builders take a bad request, policy, or demand, and turn it into something that works for students, teachers, and their school.
  • Why you don’t have to accept everything that comes down the pike (even if you think you do…)
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