​How to Be Curious #LikeABuilder

Biggest Takeaways You Don't Want to Miss:
  • When we choose criticism over curiosity, we cheat ourselves of a learning opportunity.
  • Everyone has something to teach us if we look for the lesson.
  • When you are open to multiple ideas and look for them in unusual places, you expand your perspective. That allows you to come up with unique solutions you may not have already considered to solve the challenges you face.

This week, I’m doing things a little differently and it starts with a confession. I wasn’t a very good professional development workshop participant.

In fact, I was downright surly and snarky at times. I’m not proud of this because I believe in my self-righteous judgement of the PD I was getting, I cheated myself of some real valuable learning.

That’s why today I want to sound the warning about something I am seeing more and more in our profession and that’s this - we’ve lost our curiosity.

So, this week, I’m sharing my own confessions of my snarky past, and some observations I made over the last year or so about how bosses, leaders, and builders approach their own PD differently. In the end, I’m sounding the call for us all to be curious #LikeABuilder.

Check out these highlights:
  • ​My confession about why I was such a bad workshop participant.
  • What I learned from a teacher I didn’t respect.
  • 3 quick observations I noticed at a recent national conference that gave me cause for concern.
  • Why being curious instead of furious is the only way to expand your thinking and help you develop unique solutions to challenges.
  • What PD and eating fish have in common. 
  • How Builders leverage curiosity to significantly expand their effectiveness.
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